Food Court

Our operator friendly point of scale systems is custom focused and ready to use product for food courts, bakeries.


  • Weighing Scale integration for hassle-free billing process
  • Supports multiple format of Food Courts (Prepaid Card or Coupon based)
  • Suitable for Food Court Owners as well as Food Court Tenants
  • Faster than Cash Register and Easier than other solution
  • User defined product codes for Cash Register like entry
  • Touch Screen based Billing
  • Tag each item with photo for easy identification
  • Reorder, move table and move items
  • Sales scroll
  • Item sales statistics
  • Covers report
  • Item sales statistics by day-of-week
  • Covers statistics by time of day
  • Detailed discounts report

Overall, hassle-free operation is achieved with our pos system. Call us useful details

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